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Team/Website Update: 9/17/2017

Gwinnett County Baseball added several practices to the schedule so please make sure you take a look at the new schedule!  We have 4 games coming up this week against Play Off Caliber high school teams, and Perfect Game caliber teams.  Please make sure you're taking good care of your bodies by drinking plenty of water, eating healthy, and icing your arms constantly! 

We have also added 2 coaches to the team, 2 administrators, and 2 players to our current roster.  For the first time in the programs 2 year history (Fall ball begins year 3), Gwinnett County Baseball has a full team of administrators all working together to bring the best quality product that we possibly can.  More details will be coming up within the next couple weeks, but the future is very bright for this young program!

Team and individual photos are going to be either taken this upcoming Saturday or the following Saturday (9/23, 9/30).  Will update ASAP!

Thank you everyone for your hard work and dedication!  This is a program on the rise and we are very excited to finish this fall season with a lot of positives.

Team Update: 7/28/2017

Thanks to everyone who came out this past Wednesday for our first tryout for the 2017 Fall Season!  We had a very good turn out with a lot of good players trying out.  We are very excited for the future of this team!  Gwinnett County Baseball will be hosting a private workout (2nd try out) on Saturday, August 5th at 10am.  This workout will be around 2hrs long and located at Shiloh High School.

This workout (tryout) will simulate what a practice could look like this fall and see how players interact and work together.  Communication and effort are going to be huge areas of emphasis.  It is highly recommended that if you wish to participate in the Fall Season that you make this workout. 

Please RSVP with Coach Zing to guarentee a spot for this private workout at: (770) 842-9177 or email:  Thanks again everyone and looking forward to another great turn out!

Team Update: 7/21/2017

Gwinnett County Baseball will be hosting a private workout on Wednesday, July 26th at 7:30pm.  This event will be taking place at Shiloh High School.  We will be taking stats and allowing players to make an impression on the coaching staff for the upcoming fall season.  Coaches are advising potential players to treat this as a try out.  Make sure you are in uniform and bring anything and everything you might need for a practice. 

We still have several spots on the roster that need to be filled and ALL starting positions will be competed for and EARNED in practice. Please do not hesitate as we have just filled 3 roster spots as of today!  If you have any interest in participating, please contact Coach Zing at:  GwinnettBaseball15@Yahoo.Com.  Thanks!

Website/Team Update: 7/9/17

Gwinnett County Baseball would like to thank everyone for this year's 2017 Spring and Summer contributions!  We had a successful year in terms of wins and achieveing goals. This is the 2nd year in a row that we finished with a winning record and a 2nd straight appearance in the State Championship Game!  From Year 1 to Year 2, we also made a major jump in competition level.  The year 2 team playing year 1 competition was expected to win 30+ games.  So just in 2 years, and making a major jump in competition, that is very impressive!  Also, unlike year 1, with the possibility of retaining a good core of this year's team, the future is extremely bright!

We would also like to wish Corey Forde all the success in the world as he takes his next steps at the next level in baseball!  As he continues to pursue his dreams and aspirations, we hope that he is successful in more ways than one and that he will always know that his contributions to this program were great and always appreciated!  He is a great young man and we expect to hear great things about him in the years to come.  Thanks Corey for all that you did for us and being a Spartan!  You will be missed!


As for our future, we are taking a month break from baseball to focus on our lives and just to enjoy the much deserved time off from baseball.  However, Fall Season is just around the corner, starting around Mid August.  We expect the season to go on till around Mid October.  If you have any interest in participating with Gwinnett County Baseball, please feel free to contact Coach Zing at:!

Thanks Guys for everything and God Bless!


Picture of State Runner Up's (after an intense 2 hour defensive practice):

Website/Team Update: 6/23/17

We have a small update for this week.  We have added 5 times the previous bandwith of the website to handle all the views and interest we are receiving from our program!  We have several bandwith errors this past week and after checking with our provider, its a fantastic issue to have.  It means that so many people are visiting our page and reaching out to us, that our website couldn't handle it.  Now that we've upgraded our bandwith, this issue should be resolved.  Thanks for all the interest, you won't be disappointed here!

We also updated and fixed the Upcoming Events from displaying a bunch of January 1st.  It was a glitch that has now been resolved!


Gwinnett County Baseball begins its Triple Crown Summer Blowout tournament today at 6pm @ Central Gwinnett High School.  Our 2nd pool play game will be tomorrow at: 3:30pm @ American Legion Field (201 Wills Road, Alpharetta Ga).  To see the whole tournament including bracket play, just Visit Triple Crown Baseball, Tournament is D2 & D3 Summer Blowout in Cumming, Ga.  Schedule for 18U.

Wish us luck!  Thanks and God Bless!

Website Update: 06/17/2017

Gwinnett County Baseball has updated its website, with a ton of content coming very soon! 


  • Updated News Section
  • Added/modified Calendar Events for the upcoming week
  • Added PayPal on Home Page.  Now you can pay Team Dues or make Donations through simply using the website.  A much more effective way of handling payments!  Use the Donate button on the top center of the Home Page to begin.
  • Added photos on Home Page

We expect to be modifying the Tab structure, adding albums and adding information about how to play fall very soon!  The website is starting to take shape of what we expect of it, and we cannot be more excited for our future!


Calendar Changes:

  • Monday Field Practice has been changed from 7:30pm Start Time to 7pm Start Time. 
  • Team 360 Hawks game will be played at Shiloh High School, Tuesday at 7:30pm.  This will be no entry fee game, however, no to drink limited concession stand.  Come out and enjoy a free one on us!

Thank you everyone for your time and support of our program!  Patience always pays off, and our future is extremely bright!  Thanks and God Bless!


What's new??

Gwinnett County Baseball is rearing up to begin its Regular Season tournament play, starting tomorrow at Chapel Hill High School in the West Georgia Championships Tournament.  We will be adding a lot of content to the website from here on out.  We are hoping by the 2nd week of June to have rosters with photos, photo galleries, a complete and interactive website, and much more!

Just to clear some things up:

On the upcoming events, if its a black bar under a date, that means it is a tournament/game date.  You can either go to the Calendar to see what it is, or click and hold over the black bar and it should pop up what it is.

Five of the seven tournaments that we play during the regular season have potential college and professional scouts at the games.  Remind your players that someone is ALWAYS watching.  If no one is there, their coaches are watching.  We don't expect any problems because we have been very blessed with the group of young men that we have, but we are just reminding everyone.

Always bring all uniforms.  We may change last minute depending on weather/opponents colors.  Failure to do so could result in not playing for that game for not being properly prepared.

Its summer.  Its hot.  Drinking water everyday is crucial to success and endurance in any sport.  If you wait to the day of, you've waited too long to get hydrated.  Because of the intense schedule we have, parents please make sure your son's are drinking water every day.  They will notice more energy throughout tournaments if they properly hydrate.  Sometimes, the winning team is whoever is best able team to wake up (early games) or who can shrug off the heat better.

Lastly, the tournament dates are set in stone.  However, specific dates of games and times of that tournament usually aren't given out until a week prior.  Sometimes days before.  If for some reason, you haven't received info, assume that Coach Zing doesn't have it yet.  He will be giving out info as soon as he receives it himself.  Those dates are to give you an idea range of when games will be.  This can be annoying and inconvienent at times, but this is Travel Baseball.  We appreciate your understanding in this matter.


Again, we should expect a lot of content to be added in the next few weeks.  We are looking forward to an outstanding season and are very thankful for everyone in this program!  AHHH OOOO (300 Movie, Spartan Chant x3)!

Welcome to Gwinnett County Baseball

Welcome to Gwinnett County Baseball!  This is our new and very updated website and we are very excited about it and our upcoming Summer Season!  This website will be a work in progress during the entire Summer Season, but will be here to stay from here on out.  Our website is of the highest quality rivaling top High School Programs in the state of Georiga.  We upgraded to reflect the type of program that this is and will continue to grow into. 

On this website, the entire updated practice and game schedules will be available, along with general information about our program, its events, etc...  We will also be adding many photos from games and tournaments, along with player video, profiles, etc.

Thank you to everyone involved and that made this possible.  We are a very blessed program and want to spread this blessing as far and wide as we can to those that wish to pursue their dreams in baseball.  Check us out regularly for updates and for more information.  Thanks everyone and God Bless!

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